Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

I am on a roller coaster ride as far as the stomach gases are concerned. One day fine and the next day not. Yesterday the gases started building up immediately after my first juice of the day. By lunch time, I was struggling to eat lunch. The afternoon was also bad. So I decided to have noodels for my dinner and possibly for the next few days as well. Somehow the stomach can digest the noodles faster then the stewed vegetables.

To give you an idea what's going on, everytime I eat something, the food or juice is suppose to travel from the mouth via the oesophagus to the stomach. In the morning, it will possibly travel to the upper stomach and get lodged there. As more and more food and juices is taken (by lunch time normally), it continues to back up to about three quarter way of the oesophagus.
So I get this blocked feeling and on one hand I feel full yet on another hand I feel hungry. Anyway I will be doing my castor oil enema this morning and I hope it will help me clean out the stomach once again. If my condition does not improve by tomorrow, I will visit a GP and see what recommendation the doctor will give.

Of late, I am also feeling a little sensitive around my rib cage area. A hard cough or just stretching the arms will somehow case a little dull pain. It could be due to the qigong exercises.

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