Monday, April 26, 2010

I have so far missed two qigong classes because of back pain, the last being last Friday. I thought to myself if I am going to use the pain as an excuse, then my health would not improve. So I am going to my qigong class in future, pain or not. Somehow, I feel much better after the classes. It may be psychological but it works.

The same goes for my coffee enemas. I have been doing close to 1,000 enemas now and I have no intention of slowing down. Why would I want to do that? You see, everytime I miss my enema timing or did not do the enema all together, my body feels a little unwell and fatigue sets in. After the enema, there is always a sense of relief. Again this may be psychological but I can tell you that the discharge is very smelly, not the same smell you would normally attribute to feces. According to books that I read, those are toxins released from the body. There are possibly two kinds of toxins in the body, those that are from the food we take in. These toxins can easily be expelled, like the pain around my shoulder and neck. It took less than a month for the 20+ years of pain to go away. The other type of toxins are attributed to the tumors and those will take long time to get rid of. Yes, I plan to continue for up to two years before I would consider slowing it down. So all those negativity about enemas are from people who do not do enemas themselves, theorists. If it is really that bad, I should have died long ago since I do so often and the body is also sick.

The stomach gases has eased a bit, I still get them but its not that bad. I can drink my juices but it does interfere with eating solid food, but at least I still can eat slowly. There is still pain in the rib cage area especially on the sides when I cough.

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