Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Women More Likely To Get Cancer

It was reported in theStar today that 32,000 new cancer cases will be detected among Malaysians of which 53.7% will be females. Act now not only to help reduce the statistics but to save yourself and your loves ones. Believe me, you just don't know how difficult time I am now going through and I would NEVER want you to experience it for the rest of your life.

I often read about other cancer patients doing Gerson Therapy(GT) in the hope to learn from their experience. What I am now experiencing is first hand and most of the time I depend on what is written in Dr Gerson's book for guidance. This may not be enough. Recently I found out that healing reactions can even last up to 6 months! Pain here and there are sometime also part of the healing reaction. These information help can me manage my therapy better instead of being suspicious about this and that. I also receive good email support from Joanne of New Zealand who survived cancer through alternative medicines, one of which she used was GT.

My stomach gases is getting better. I am not sure if it was due to the homeopathy medication or my strategy to eat lesser for the timebeing or a combination thereof. Yesterday my night enema resulted in a totally unexpected result. It has never happend before. The discharge was not smelly and no feces. The color of the discharge is just a little brown, about the same organic coffee color. But this morning, my morning enema was back to normal. Smelly and a little red but no pain. My butt is also aching a little when sitting down (well has been since over six month ago). Otherwise I feel good.

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