Friday, April 2, 2010

Gases In Stomach

My coughing has improved and I am not coughing so much even when lying down. It should get better in the coming days. However, my stomach still has a lot of gases and causing some stomach indigestion. Although I do drink a lot of carrot juices a day, this has not caused me any problems earlier but only happened in the last three weeks. Unfortunately I am unable to take turmeric or ginger to relief the stomach of gases. The other way is probably through stomach massage. I am now free of any mouth or tongue ulcers but I am wondering how long before another ulcer pops up?

Getting up at 6am, preparing juices and then go for qigong 5 times a week is tiring. In my quest to get more rests, I have possibly developed a very bad habit, sleeping immediately after lunch. Perhaps this could also be one of the causes of my indigestion. The timing is suitable and does not interfere with the juicing and detoxing time. One side effect is already noticeable, I have developed a small tummy. Maybe I should do a review.

It's been more than two weeks since I started learning Chilel qigong. As I become more familiar with the exercises, I am joining back the main group instead of being individually taught by the Lao-shi. Today there is a new student and the Lao-shi was busily instructing him. It's still too early to tell if this qigong will have an impact on the healing but any form of exercise is beneficial, one way or the other.

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