Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling Much Better

I have been feeling much better these few days. The stomach gases has somewhat subsided, its there but does not cause so much problems as before. My enema discharge is still a little red. I have developed two mouth ulcers since yesterday and it rather bad when you touch it. It's hidden underneath the right lips. As a result I am slowly eating back normally.

Yesterday evening I went to the 2010 PC Fair to buy a notebook for my daughter's use. Apparently those notebook that I bought a few years back are not suitable for resource hungry graphic programs. Thought I could get cheaper bargins on the last day but unfortunately the model I wanted were all sold out. So I settled for the next best, a Lenovo G460 and upgraded it to 4GB memory. I never like the layout of PC fair. They force you to walk the entire exhibition halls to get out, especially on Hall 5 where the sales people selling broadband packagess out number their customers causing severe congestion. I was carrying a notebook and also a Full HD 23" Samsung XL2370 LED monitor. Its also a long walk and buy the time I walk to my car which is parked about 300 meters away, I was like dying of exhaustion. This is a far cry from the old days. Sigh...

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