Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Regrets

Mornings comes and morning goes with no regrets. Ok I copied the opening phase from Don Mclean's Empty Chairs. But it reflects how I am now. No regrets in what I am doing day in and day out, always looking forward to be better morning the next day.

Yesterday I really had a peaceful time taking my lunch and dinner. I am almost free of stomach gases (touch wood) and the mouth ulcers also healed. I can't remember how long since I had such time. I have always taken things for granted but of course now, every outcome has to be worked and earned. The pain in the lower rib area around the chest is still painful but bearable. As you know, it really hurts when I cough. I have accidentally discovered (during my qigong exercise) that when you bend down your head and body with your hands touching the feet and if you cough then, there is no pain or the pain is minimal! Lying down and sleeping still causes some pain since it is quite natural to toss and turn.

Since last Thursday I have modified my lunch and dinner menu a little. Instead of the boiled potatoes and stewed vegetables, I have been eating brown rice tomato noodles instead for most of the time. My mother, wife and I also made pan mee (flat flour noodles), rye pau (rye dumplings) and pau (flour dumplings) stuffed with corn, turnips and vegetables at other times. This change was to give the stomach a break because according to traditional Chinese belief, eating too much vegetables give rise to "wind" in the stomach. Anyway I welcomed the change and will revert back to the normal menu next.

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