Friday, April 16, 2010

Castor Oil Enema To The Rescue

After 3 weeks of constantly being battered by the stomach gases, I thought it was time to do something different if I want a different result. Not that the medication did not help but it was not sufficient. During this period I had suspended my castor oil enema because I believe doing castor oil enema would make the situation worst. Yesterday, it occured to me that the castor oil enema does cause the stomach to churn, so I thought if I take the castor oil enema, probably it would cause the cleaning of the contents of the stomach. I drank 2 tablespoons of castor oil and drank a cup of organic coffee. Not too long after that, the stomach began to make sounds and I believe the castor oil and coffee began its work. Everthing went fine and by 2pm, I need to ease myself. The bowel movements was strong and I release quite a lot of smelly stuffs. Not too long after that, I had my second bowel movement to so called completely remove any remenants. After that I felt a sense of relief and the stomach gases was almost absent. However, I observed that by late evening, it did come back but it was not that strong. Generally, I was about 80% free of gases.

This condition continued to this morning and so far it's been quite good. There are some indications that the stomach gases is building up after taking the juices, but it is still not bad at this moment. Tomorrow I will continue with the castor oil enema and hopefully will help to contain the situation.

After reading a number of cancer patient's blog, I think one of the common problem faced by most of us are pain. I am quite lucky as my pain is not only bearable but it does not happen frequently. Currently most of the pain is centered around the back and comes about when I stretch. My body feels good and I believe if there is no pain even when I stretch, that's the time when I can say my problems are fully under control. I am working hard towards the arrival of that day.

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