Friday, April 9, 2010

Uneasy Feeling

My stomach gases problem continued yesterday. The stomach gases builds up towards in the late afternoon and by dinner time, I could hardly eat nor drink the Hippocrate soup. There is food along the throat. Still I try to push down the dinner food as much as possible but only could managed to eat about 30%. I also had to skip one round of juicing as my stomach was bloated and to allow space for dinner.

In the evening after my night enema, the stomach gases did not ease but became even more severe. It did not make sitting nor lying down any easier. So I had to alternate between sitting and lying down. During this time, negative emotions arose. I have told myself that I will never cry again over this cancer nor will I engage in self pity. I used a technique which I use during meditation. When you experience some unhappy feelings, just observe the thought but do not dwell into it. Do not attach the "I" into it. The human mind feeds on negative emotions and you can get caught in such feelings for days. This negative feeling come and that goes. So I managed to get out of this negative emotion very quickly. My wife applied some Chinese "wind oil" over my stomach to help expel the gases. I felt better about an hour later but still had problems eating my oats for supper. I only managed to eat 60% of it.

I observed that eating banana contributes to generating the gases, so I abstained from eating bananas for the time being. I also took some fresh fruits like guava and also had some oranges. This morning, the stomach gases has subsided and I hope it will remain so for the rest of the day.

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