Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quick Review Of Status

In case you have been wondering what's going on, perhaps a quick review of what I did so far. For the first 6 months, the therapy was aimed at stabilising the tumors i.e. prevent it from spreading and also prevent the body from deteriorating to a point that it would be difficult to follow any therapy. That has been achieved. From March 2010 onwards, I am now into the next phase (to September 2010) i.e. to shrink the tumors. It is achieved through detoxing, nutrition, supplements, exercises and some alternative medication. The results takes time, about two years is required for the body to heal itself to the state that it can take care of itself.

My current problems are mainly related to some back pain when stretching and stomach gases, very strong. Yesterday I even had problems drinking my juices and of course taking solid food. Anyway I will be taking some medication for relief, my last resort. Otherwise, I feel quite normal.

As I write, I am having lunch, corn-tomato brown rice noodle soup. I have prepared two afternoon apple+carrot juices to take along and will be going to see the movie, How To Train Your Dragon at 2.30pm. After reading the review for Clash of The Titians, I am not sure if I will go watch it. I try to lead a normal life that revolves around my wife and children.

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