Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be Careful Of What You Eat

After reading SC's case, another advance kidney cancer patient, it makes me scared. SC looks perfectly healthy from the video which was taken on 9 Feb 2009 and yet within a span of less than 90 days, he passed away. Mind you, he has already completed 1 cycle of Sutent therapy and I would expect that his condition be stabilised rather than just deteriorate so quickly. I strong believe that the deterioration has to do with diet though it was not written what diet he was observing. Most patients on conventional medication do not observe special dietary requirements and in fact my oncologist has advised me against going vegan. Like SC, I also look healthy but could be history in 90 days if I am not careful in what I put into my body.

Recently one of my MBA classmate found out about my cancer and she was shocked. You see, in my class of 15, already one of my classmates who is also her colleague passed away about 2 years ago due to stomach cancer. Two out of 15 is more than 13%. Even more scary is that as you age, the risk of getting cancer becomes higher. That's what the statistics says. Dear friends, have you reviewed your diet?

My gigong exercises is not only becoming tiring for me but causing some pain in my thighs and shoulders because of the repeated movements. Now my Lao-shi only gives us about 10 to 15minutes of repeated exercises but he says the correct timing is a full 30 minutes. I think by then, I would have collapsed. But still we are not complaining because it is for our own health benefit.

My stomach gases is still there and become strong as the day progresses especially in the evening. My homeopathy doctor has recommended me some remedy and I will try it for 5 days to see if there is progress. I have reduced my coffee enema back to 3 times daily as I found out the 2nd enema is not effective. The discharge is still a little red and I am monitoring the situation.

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