Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Body Undergoing Changes?

I think my body is now undergoing some phases of development. I am not sure if the phases are good or not. I think this is what is happening. About 6 weeks ago, I was hit by the stomach gases problem. Although for the past week the stomach gases problems has sort of subsided, I noticed that my body is now plagued with pain around the rib cage area. It started with pain around the back, then travelled to the sides and now is at the front side especially on the lower right rib side where the pain is felt most. Coughing will of course be painful as with stretching the body. So to avoid pain, don't cough nor stretch the body. Leave it at a relaxed mode.

My qigong exercises has sort of enhanced the pain a little but everytime I finised the qigong, I feel a little better. However, towards the evening the soreness around my tights is felt due to the exercises. I am not sure if the rib cage area are affected or not. Still I think the qigong exercises are beneficial. Ever since I reinstalled the Windowx XP for my tablet notebook, I have been surfing and doing some work on the notebook. Because I do most of the work on the bed, I think my poisture has also contributed to the pain. So what I did was to setup another old PC in the kitchen where I do most of my work now.

Pain or not, I try not to let these distract my therapy and so far I have been handling it quite good. Yesterday my regular Chinese medical hall supplier said I look thin but my completion is good. She wondered if I am on diet or what. I told her about my cancer and the therapy I am doing. She encouraged me to continue. It feels great to be alive even with so much problems inside me!

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