Friday, April 23, 2010

Need More Than Luck

Yesterday the stomach gases decided to go on leave. As a result, I had a 95% gas free day and can go about my normal activities. I had wanted to do castor oil enema but ran out of cooking gas and could not boil organic coffee. By the time the gas supply came, I had missed the timing so I will do it today. This morning, by the time I finished my fourth juice of the day, I took a slice of pear and that's when the gases start to build up again. Perhaps I should lay off solid food for a while.

My supplier just got a new batch of fresh New Zealand Organic Royal Gala apples, which is red apples and very cruncy and not that sweet. It's more pricey than Granny Smith (RM2.50 per piece) at RM17 per kg or about RM3.40 per piece but better than none.

When I got up for my night urine in the middle of the night yesterday, I was coughing a little and I also do not know how at that moment, I twisted my back a little. So I now feeling a little dull pain now and then. Just one of those times when nothing is right. Persevere, I told myself.

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