Sunday, April 18, 2010

Support Organic Produce And Products

The organic insdustry in Malaysia is rather small. As such much of what you can get and buy is controlled by the suppliers. There are only three types of people who would buy organic produce and products, namely a) those who have deep pockets; b) those who are health concious and c) those who have no choice, people like me. Most others will not think of buying organic produce and products and I think the main reason is the costs. My supplier said because of so few purchasers, therefore costs is high. After all farmers are not paid on how much nutrition they put into the food but how many kgs is being produced. Naturally oranic farmining cannot compete with conventional farming in terms of output. We are in the chicken and egg situation.

I learned that by saving to buy normal produce and products, one may have to "payback" later when one get some chronic diease. Despite eating healthly more and more people are spending on health supplements. Why? Actually all these are also costs to you. I now believe and based on some reports, the nutritients in the food we eat is not sufficient. The only way to help onself is going organic. As more people buy organic, costs will come down.

Sometimes costs is not the only factor. For example I have been out of apples (juicing grade) for over 4 months now. I have been using other type of apples and even that is now out of stock. In fact since April 2010 I am appleless. I am getting tired of eating rye bread and potatoes and so I though I would make potatoe bread and noodles. But unfortunately, potato flour is so expensive at RM32 a kg. Why not buy ready made bread and noodels you may ask? Well that is because they suppliers do not cater for cancer patients, they contain salt and sugar. So I am going to make my own potato flour. Raw USA organic potatoes costs RM12 a kg. I bought 2 kgs today and will try to make them in the next few days. If I am successful, I will let you know how to make it.

I have busy for the whole day running errands as my wife is still in Ipoh attending to the funeral rites that will end tomorrow with the water burial. My stomach gases is bearable because I have been controlling my intake of food and also taking medication.

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