Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Longer Healing Reactions

Having strong stomach gases and feeling nauseatic are part of the healing reaction. However, the documentation says one should experience it for five or six days but in my case, it is now in its third week. Is this a little unusual? So I began to search for some answers in the Net. I found out from a clinic that practices Gerson Therapy that it is not right to take any form of medication to suppress the gases. If the gases are suppressed, then the healing stop. OK, I will take say peppermint tea to help deal with the situation. I also found out that as the body becomes stronger, the healing reaction lasts longer. One way to deal with the situation is perhaps to increase back my enemas from three times to four times, taking the night enema at 10pm instead of 8.30pm currently done. In one blog written by a lady from Italy who had breast cancer, she even did a plain water enema at night to help release the toxins and she felt less nauseatic in the morning.

At this moment, I am actually feeling quite good, not withstanding the strong stomach gases. The pain in the back from stretching the body is not getting worst, in fact I think it's getting better. Unlike most people, I am a little susceptible to negative body reactions such as pain and the like. As a result, I have to constantly remind myself of no pain, no gain. Sometimes the pain has nothing to do with the tumors but a body reaction. Well who said doing home therapy would be easy especially if you are doing without guidance? Well, that answer to that question was why I wrote this blog in the first place.

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