Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Castor Oil Enema Eases Stomach Gases

With so many things happening over the last weekend, I did not do my castor oil enema. However, yesterday I was determined to do. As usual, I started at 10.30am, drank two table spoons of castor oil, drank 1 cup of organic coffee and two slices of orange. Within minutes of consumption, I could feel the stomach reacting. As the day progresses, I began to feel more and more unconfortable and by lunch time, although there was no pain, I was feeling very uncomfortable. The bloated stomach feel like throwing. I was taking my lunch midway when I had an urgent call. The bowel movement discharge was much more than my normal enema discharge. It was smelly and a little red. I could also see some oil discharge as well. After that, there was immediate relief, no more gases and I was feeling hungry. I continued my lunch although I did not eat all of it.

I then took my nap and work up arond 2.10pm and drank my first juice. By 3pm I was ready for another bowel movement. It was smelly and a little red as well. I could also see some white bubble like jelly discharge as well but it was not as much as the first discharge. I felt very hungry after that. I then prepared my next juice and then proceeded with the 2nd enema of the day. The enema was normal, the discharge although was a little smelly, but was brownish. The night enema was also normal, smelly and brownish. I took rice noodles for supper instead of the oatmeal as I was feeling a little hungry. With that good feeling, I went to sleep hoping to carry it over thill the next day.

This morning, the stomach gases has subsided but began to increase upon drinking the juices. I will need to check on why this is so after all, it's only juices. I will also begin to take some probiotics to help out.


  1. Hi CT,

    Just happened to stumble into your blog, your posts have been very informative. Sorry to know about your problems and hope you will get well soon. May I know where do you get the castor oil? Also staying around Subang Jaya, hope I could get it here as well.

    Thanks and looking forward for your reply.


  2. Dear James,

    You can buy Castor oil from New Life International at SS2/24, Petaling Jaya. 3 doors away from AffinIslamic Bank.

  3. Hi CT,

    Thanks for your reply, and wish you a speedy recovery.


  4. hi CT,

    is the castor oil safe to drink?