Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't just survive, THRIVE!!

I receive the following message from the Gerson Institute and I would like to share it with you.

This message invites you all to meet Howie Doan via You Tube, where he shares his story of his initial diagnosis of skin cancer, the options that were given him, and the choice that he made to heal and cure his cancer naturally using the Gerson Therapy.

The following email is from Howie:

"I'd like to thank Ian Jacklin, for his help in making this video. To all your families, friends, acquaintances (even someone whom you have just met) who want to help someone with cancer, open your hearts and minds and seriously consider alternative therapies to reverse cancer and other chronic degenerative disease. Like thousands of others who empowered themselves at self healing, I chose the Gerson Therapy, because it was the best choice for me. I reversed malignant melanoma, and hope that I can reach out to help others reclaim their health and their life. Please share my video with someone you care about.;

Don't just survive, THRIVE!!

Sincerely, Howie Doan"

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