Monday, March 1, 2010

CT Scan Update @ 1 March 2010

You may be wondering why I took so long to post the update. One of my friend called my directly from Saudia Arabia because he could not wait for my post. This time round, the scan was performed at Assunta Hospital which has a newer and higher resolution scan. We also enlarged the area of the scan to include the pelvis (not done previously). This scan will be compared to the 24 October 2009 scan. Well I got good and bad news. I will start off with the conclusions and details will be given later once I get more clarification.

1. Primary area - Kidney tumor, mass size about the same as that in October 2009.
2. Chest - Small and large (0.5cm to 1.5cm) observed in the mid and lower lungs area. However, the bigger two lymphnodes showed some reduction (from 3.0cm x 2.8cm to 2.6cm x 2.8cm and 4.4cm x 2.2cm to 1.8cm x 1.9cm). Noted a large nodule of about 3.5cm and 3.7cm in the right paravertebal showing central necrosis at T6 vertebra not found in previous study.

Going Forward
At the very least, things has remained about the same as that in October 2009. So I am now performing a review and I believe there are some areas that I will have to do better. Already I have set the replace the juicer. The next is my coffee enema. There are more areas to rework as well. Don't expect different results if you continue to do the same old things.

I am still very positive about this result though I am a little disappointed. According to my urologist, I should be writing my obituary by now but I am still alive and kicking. I will return!


  1. Congrats ! Your result is indeed encouraging.

  2. Thanks for the support and encouragement. I will work even harder.