Friday, March 26, 2010

Feeling Nauseatic

My left shoulder blade and back problem is very much better now, almost no pain even when after getting up. However, when stretching the back, there is still some pain. There are still itchiness in my hands and feet. The best way to overcome it is by ignoring it because the more you massage or scratch it, the more itchy it becomes.

Last two days, I had some nausea. This came about on Wednesday morning when I was practicing my qigong. My Lao-Shi (teacher) says that it is normal to experience such phonomena when doing this qigong as the chi (energy) is flowing through the various parts of the body. Coupled with the tongue ulcer, it made things worst as eating is now much more difficult. I almost did not feel like eating. From Gerson Therpy's prespective, this could also be a healing reaction.

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