Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A New Day

Yesterday I started the day with full of enthusiasm. After packing the juices, oatmeal and rye bread, I left for the hospital together with my sister. My appointment was 10am and by 11am, the CT scan was complete. However, it was not until 12.30pm I got the report. When I reached my mother's place, I quickly took lunch and headed back home. The Panadol did not seems to work and my eldest daughter's fever was rather high. So I quickly took her to the doctor and then to my mother's house so that she could be cared for. I then left for my daily marketing. Much to my disappointment, the apples for juicing has been out of stock for almost one month. I visited a number of organic shops and most do not sell apples. There is one shop that sells but not for juicing and it costs RM30 a kilo, almost RM6 a piece! Anyway I got hold of some old apples stock from the shop. By the time I got home, it was already 3pm. Prepared the 3pm juice and then prepared the Hippocrate soup. When I finished, it almost 4pm and so another round of juice. After washing the juicer, I quickly took my coffee enema and by the time I completed it, it's 5pm and another round of juice. It was only after this time I managed to post the results of my scan.

Anyway, I am now doing a review of my therapies. I am now doing two therapies, modified Gerson Therapy (GT) and Homeopathy. I started GT in October 2009 and it about 5 months now. Homeopath started in November 2009. As far as Homeopathy is concerned, if you remember in my earlier posts, I am currently on Phase I of the treatment. The medication given in this phase is to stop the growth of the tumor. In a way, the objective has been achieved since the results of the scan showed more or less no advancement except for the discovery of a new nodule. So I am now looking forward to the next phase of the treatment, to reduce the tumor.

As for GT, although I started the therapy much earlier, it was only recently I got almost the full range of supplements like lugol solution, pepsin and pancreatin. Two areas that need immediate improvement is the juicer and my coffee enema. The juicer that I am using now is not very suitable but almost the best I could get. It has already broke down once and the supplier said the juicer is not designed for the intensity of my juicing. There are two areas I think the juicer did not do very well. The first if the dryness of the pulp after juicing. I have already said in one of my earlier posts, the pulp after juicing is still wet. Last Sunday I took the carrot pulp and feed it back to the feeder and more juice came of it. I then repeated for a second time and still more juice came out of it! However, by this time, the outlet screen is already blocked. Of late I have discovered I have been spending about 15% more to get the same amount of juice. The second area is in terms of the quality of the juice, especially vegetable juice. I noted that by the time I completed the juicing, the juice is already starting to turn yellowish. This is definitely not quality juice. So I will invest in the mother of all juicers, the Norwalk Juicer. Model 275 costs US$2,495 + US$650 shipping, approximately RM11K. The company sells direct. It will arrive next week.

My coffee enema needs to be intensified. So I am now reverting to 4 times a day. Also I have not been strict with myself on the castor oil enema. I have not been doing on alternate day especially from the days leading to Chinese New Year and on days I have errands to run. Now that I got the ox bile powder, I should not have any more excuses.

As my friend Bobby was telling me, what is RM10K to spend on recovering your health. Many people would pay the same amount to slim down. I am also a little lucky as I bought the 36 critical illness insurance, though the amount is not that much but it helps. I just got the payment just before Chinese New Year.

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