Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blue Skies And Everything Nice

I got some calls, SMSs and email from friends and ex-colleagues asking me how I am faring. My back pain below the left and right shoulder blades are still lingering and it get worst after I wake up from sleep. It does not disturb my day to day activities and the pain is only felt if the muscles around that area are stretched. Well, I feel really good both physically and psychologically. Much better than in the early days when I started the therapy.

Someone once asked me how I managed to stay so positive despite my condition? My answer is simple. I already know the end, anything positive actions I do, my results will always positive. So whatever I do, I do the best I can. No need to fret and worry about this or that. Live in the present.

Today I will share a little about the qigong that I am learning. There are many types of qigong (founded over 5,000 years ago) in China and the one that I am practicing is called Che Lel. Yes some people said they took years to master qigong and what so different about this one? What is interesting about this qigong is that one can learn the methods very quickly and start practicing and reaping the results in days instead of years. I am not saying this qigong will guarantee to heal. This also does not mean one should stop whatever therapy one is doing. Rather, this is complementary therapy that will assist in the healing. Let me try and report the results.

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