Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Another Day

My thighs are now a little painful from the squatting exercises that I did in yesterday's qigong exercise. Although the exercises are not strenuous, it does require lots of patience and stamina. Today I continued with some exercises that can help in the cancer therapy. My Master keeps on reminding me not to think anything when doing the exercise except to concentrate on the exercise. As all the instructions are given in Mandarin, I have a little difficulty in some body parts which are not used commonly. During the exercise routine, we are requite to think about certain body at certain point in time. My Master has been kind enough to give me a drawing explaining the various points in English and Mandarin. He will also loan me a book in English so that I can understand it better. As part of my fees, I got a exercise tape and also a DVD showing the moves in case I forgot. I also got to see my China Grandmaster for the first time.

I have been eating like a pig for the last few days. I get so hungry at times and I just ate and ate. The result is I gained 1kg. I am not complaining but so far everything is normal. The shoulder pain is not that painful but is still lingering. Since I am now waking up at 6am, I have sort of changed my routine a little. By 11.30am I would finished my morning juices and thereafter I take lunch by 12 noon. After lunch I take a nap to 2pm and start my afternoon juicing. I don't feel so tired with this arrangement.

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