Friday, March 12, 2010

My First Qigong Class

Since using oxbile power in my castor oil enema, the night enema has been much more difficult to do. Not only the spasm is frequent but more intense making holding for a full 15 minutes difficult. The discharge is also smellier. As usual, the stomach feels a little bloated and farthing a bit more because of stomach gases. As a result I am eating a little less during lunch and dinner. I will have to compensate during other times by eating more frequent.

Now with the qigong class, I have created some timing problems for myself. Currently I take my homeopathy remedy from 8.30pm to 11pm, taking a capful every 15 mins. However with the qigong class from 8pm to 10pm, I will have problem taking my the homeopathy remedy as it would be very disruptive during the qigong lessons. I have to sort this out by Monday, before my next class.

The qigong association is based in Kajang and they have a number of centers throughout Klang valley. Senior Allan was the one coaching me as I was the only new student yesterday. He explained the history of this qigong and our grandmaster is from China. To convince and encourage me, he said two of their members who were cancer patients cured themselves practicing qigong at least 6 hours a day (basically eat, qigong and sleep) in just over three months. Of course there a some others who were not successful because they were lazy and did not practice other than coming to class. The qigong method employs the external energy around us to enhance the body. The energy around us is spent energy and they key is to tap the energy from the environment (not the energy around us) into the body. To do this, they employ a series of hand exercises and focusing the mind to the energy and parts of the body. My first exercise (nothing strenuous) taught to me was rather simple and but not so easy to do. After 30 mins of practice, I was feeling very warm and sweating. After a short break, the Senior taught me another exercise which also lasted about 30 mins. It is up to the individual on how long they want to do and I find 30 minutes at a time is quite suitable for me. All the instruction was given in Mandarin and due to my lack of proficiency in Mandarin, I could not remember and translate some of the terms.

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