Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Boxer

Today's title post was taken from Simon & Garfunkel's The Boxer as it describe the struggle of life and perseverance.

I have been having this left shoulder pain for about a week now. The back is a little stiff especially after getting up in the morning and after some stretching exercise it becomes a little better. The left shoulder by itself is not painful but because I often use my left hand and also when certain muscles that are connected to it is stretched, it becomes painful. I have been avoiding carrying or lifting with my left hand to give it more rests. Anyway I visited my acupuncturist for 20 years yesterday to get some acupuncture on my shoulders. He uses 8 needle points and the feed the needles with direct current, the strength of the current which you can control via a console. I have been going to him for such problems in the past and I will probably need three treatments. He also recommended me some medication when he learned of my cancer.

Of course having pain is a bad sign and uncomfortable for me. Lately I have also been experiencing some stomach fullness, too much gases and also not that hungry during lunch/dinner. When I try and eat faster I also feel like vomiting. I do feel hungry especially in between but when lunch and dinner time. When I first started the Gerson Therapy, I read in the book that patients normally experience such symptoms but it kind of arrive a little late for me.

I am still very upbeat about my health. Life goes on and I take each day at a time. My weight has stabilised to 69.7kg and my wife asked me not to be too concerned with my weight. I observed that if I eat all the recommend meals regularly, I would not have problem maintaining my weight.


  1. Chang,

    Relieved to read yr latest CT scan result, I think you shd not be unduly worried of the new nodule it might be due to the newer machine (higher resolution)

    Shoulder pain ? after the acupuncture, is it better?

    Wishing you all the best


  2. I thought u may be interested in this since it is in Melaka :
    20-Day Cancer Battle Program *RM5400

  3. Dear Kok Piew,

    Thanks for the words of comfort. Well I am reviewing my therapies and I will introduce some changes.

    The acupuncture does helps but I think I need to go for a few more sessions. Including this morning I have been to two sessions.

  4. Dear Sunshine,

    I have read about the Malacca 20 Day cancer battle program sometime back. It's value for money considering the clinic in Budapest charges EUR5,000 for 14 days program. I believe my present regime is quite similar and maybe stricter than theirs.

    Thanks anyway.