Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Time, Indonesia

I have decided not to take the trip to Indonesia on 18 March 2010. I booked this trip 11 months ago last year with a view to visit some temples and climb Mount Bromo. Well Indonesia will have to wait for the time being. However, I have asked my wife not to waste the tickets and so she and my two daughters will travel but with a slight change in plan. They will not visit Mount Bromo. The decision not to go is to focus on my therapies.

Other than the lingering back and left shoulder pain, it's business as usual. Currently I buy fresh vegetables everyday and I will be making a change and buy vegetables for two days supply. This will allow me more time to practice qigong. With effect from this week, I have scaled down my coffee enema to three times a day. I noticed during the last two weeks, my second enema which is normally taken 3 hours after the first is not effective. The enema is easy to take, no spasm and sometimes I even fall asleep during the enema. The discharge is also not smelly.

This morning is my first qigong session under Master Soo. He has urged me to be diligent in practicing qigong. I learned two additional exercises this morning but could only remember one. The first one was rather long and I only remember some parts of it. Hopefully I will be able to remember the remainder in tomorrow's practice. Although not physically demanding, the exercises are tiring. I consider myself lucky as the Master was very willing to teach and patient with me. Now I really appreciate my able body during good times. At times like this, your body do not respond so efficiently.

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