Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking It Easy

Yesterday evening on the way to the airport, I stopped at the rest area for a pee. I noticed blood in my urine! My urine has always been clear in the daytime and this is the first time I noticed the red urine. Well, it's not that bad and there was no pain. Even in the past when there was twitches around the right abdomen, I did not urinate blood. It only happened once, subsequent urine was clear. So I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I wrote a computer program for a client 19 years ago and due to changes in customer requirements, the client wants me to make some changes. Actually the change is not so difficult and during my good days, I can complete it in a few days. But these days, it seems much more difficult but still I will try because it is difficult to get a third party to maintain the software.

I did feel a little tired this morning and there was a little pain just below both shoulder blade area, not sure if it was from yesterday's "hard" work. Well the task may look simple, but for me, its a herculean task. I sure miss my healthy body. Everything I do, it just takes so much extra efforts. By mid morning, the pain was gone. My left shoulder pain is also subsidising. I am taking it a little easy since today is castor oil enema day.

The qigong that I am learning now is beginning to tire me out. Even though the hands, body and leg movements are not that physical, the fact the I need to hold them in certain positions for long period of time repeatedly caused the strain. My Lao-Shi has showed great concern for me and helping me as much as he could and at the end of each session, he would remind me, please practice, especially the La-Chi exercise. Like most things, people can only show the way but it is up to me to strive on.

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