Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy To Be Alive

From March 2010 onwards marks a new phase for me. Earlier months, the main aim was to just to survive the cancer and stabilize the situation. I think I have achieved that objective although I am a bit disappointed with the discovery of a new nodule.

I will have to wait to see what Dr Rama says this Saturday in Singapore for my next phase of Homeopathy treatment. As for the Gerson Therapy I am making some changes. I have ordered the Norwalk juicer. Well there are always different views on why spend this money but those are the least important, so I won't dwell into it. I have increased the frequency of my coffee enema to 4 time a day now.

Although fighting the cancer is my own fight, however, many parties are indirectly involved. The most affected party is actually my wife. Just imagine your loved one is struggling with death and you cannot offer any help other than providing emotional support. Even my other family members like my parents, brother and sister are also suffering, especially my mother. I can also see the tension is some of my close friends.

It would be a mistake to relax now. This is the time to double the efforts because the war has just begun. I may have won some little battles here and there but the war is far from over. Please hang on with me and thank you for your support.

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