Sunday, March 14, 2010

Too Much Softness Causes Back Pain

I am quite convinced that my back pain is due to the 2" top layer rubber padding. My main mattress is made of coconut husk and I like the firmness. However, my present condition requires a little softness and the top layer which I just added only two weeks ago is now giving me the back ache. The ache develops even after just 20 minutes of sleep. I observed that when I take naps at my mother's place, I don't have back problems. She also uses coconut husks mattress (different brand from mine) but with a thin layer of soft padding built in. So what I will now do is to remove the 2" top layer padding and use a 1" padding instead. Hopefully, this padding is soft enough and yet will not cause my back to ache. If that fails, I will just buy the same brand mattress as my mother's.

Today my wife and I are trying to make another variation of the rye bread. We have successfully made the 80:20 rye wheat flour bread. The only complain was that the bread did not rise enough. Today we will try 70:30 variation. I will publish the recipe next week.

Remember the case of Mama S? Well I met her daughter today to hand over the supplements that I bought for her in Singapore and I was informed that she is now eagerly drinking the juices. However, she mistakenly use K-salt as salt replacement using spoonfuls of it in her food resulting in her getting some skin irritations. This is the problem when the children do not read the documentation. I have told them specifically to mix with 1 liter of distilled water and then use 2 teaspoons but it must have fallen to deaf ears. So this time round, I got extracted summarised documentation on how to use the supplements, forbidden food and healing reactions so that they can follow as closely as possible without having to read the Gerson Therapy book. This is her last chance now that conventional medication has failed on her.

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