Monday, March 8, 2010

Homepathy Therapy Update

This time, my trip to Singapore was tiring. The main reason was that I had to run an errand for Mama S. I have agreed to help her start the Gerson Therapy (GT) and as such I detoured a little to buy supplements for her. Those supplements are kept in glass bottles and it was rather heavy. I was sort of drained carrying those bottles.

Anyway after examining my blood test and radiologist reports, Dr Rama said he was happy with my progress and said he is confident of improving the situation. Notwithstanding the discovery of a new nodule, he said the important aspect now is ensure that the liver does not deteriorate. As expected, he started me with a new remedy to deal with the liver and tumors in general. This phase of treatment would probable go on for the next six months and recommended me to go for another scan in September 2010. I have finally managed to get my hand on the liver supplements and started taking it since yesterday.

My back pain and in particular my left shoulder pain are improving. So I will not be going for further acupuncture for the time being. I have been doing stretching and back exercising and it helps to relieve the pain. Mostly the pain are motion or pressure induced. My personal oxygen generator finally arrived and I started using it yesterday. Due to the constant flow of air, the month and nose is a little bit dry. I take the oxygen therapy in between juices, 20 minutes at a time.

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