Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybe You Can Help

Encouraged by the slight progress that I am making, one of my friends recommended her friend to talk to me. EC as she is called is suffering from Stage 3 breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemo (3rd course out of a total of 8). She is also following a Taiwanese nutrition program that involves drinking of juices with pulp made from the blender. She does not take sugar but take fish for the protein. Apparently she is losing weight and also a few months pregnant. Her oncologist said she must go on a high protein diet in view of the chemo. She wanted to know Gerson Therapy better and am meeting her this Friday afternoon to explain more about the therapy.

I also had a similar experience with my oncologist at KL General. He said I should be on a high protein diet rather than on a vegan diet. Not satisfied with his recommendation, I went and see another oncologist at National University Hospital in Singapore. He recommendation was that I watch my calories intake and not necessary to have high intake of protein. He leaves it to me what diet I want to adopt. That's more like it.

As you can see, being pregnant complicates matters. Furthermore, she is still doing chemo but like my Singapore oncologist said what is most important is to ensure that the calories intake is sufficient. Where it comes from is a choice that we can make. I will have to read up a little more from the Internet and maybe write to Gerson Institute for some help as well. If you have followed Gerson Therapy and have experience in such cases, please do write to me urgently.

My left shoulder pain has subsided very much except that I feel the pain when I stretch or use the left hand to lift heavy things. However, the pain in the back is still felt when getting up from sleep but it goes away after sometime. To tackle the itchiness on my feet and hands, I have stopped taking the Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) starting today and observe if there are improvements. This is the only addition that I took. Prior to this, I did not experience such problems. TCM are know to have side effects. In this case I am not sure the effects are good or bad. I will consult my acupuncturist. Meanwhile I have used the Betnovate-N cream with partial success, on my feet and left hand.

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