Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Therapies Does Not Mean Good

As I move in to the seventh month of my therapy, I have introduced a number of new complementary therapies to assist in the recovery. My wife have reminded me to stop monitoring and start living. I have lived past the expectations of my urologists and so far so good. So instead of getting suspicious of a little pain here and there and keep on monitoring my weight, I will just let it be unless it is something major.

Due to the strict regime of the Gerson therapy, most of my activities revolve around it. More therapies will compete for time and this is not necessarily good. So far the therapies that I used can all fit it nicely. However, for qigong I need to invest more time to first learn about it by attending classes. Subsequently it should be easier to fit into the schedule. I have decided to attend morning classes instead of evening classes because it clashes with my homeopathy medication time. My homeopathy requires taking of medication every 15 minutes for 2.5hrs continuously. So it would be difficult to do qigong at the same time. Doing qigong in the morning will mean I will lose 1 hr of sleep, so I will have to compensate by taking a 1 hour nap every day just after lunch. Hopefully this arrangement will not be too taxing on my part. I will adjust as I go along.

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