Thursday, March 11, 2010

Attending Qigong Class

Another routine day of juices and enemas. The back problem is still there and I am thinking how to deal with it besides exercising and having acupuncture. Finally after months of searching, I managed to hunt down a Qigong group that operates in Subang Jaya. I will be attending my first lesson tonight from 8pm-10pm. Master Soo said I should strive with diligence as it is helpful in healing my cancer.

Through a friend, I was offered to do database warehouse design for an insurance company but had to turn it down the last minute because of the short delivery time. The project management is very lose and timing is already out. Under such circumstances, it would demand a lot of time from me to attend meetings to get things right. At present I cannot commit and it would be best not to get involved. The money is good and I still have bills to pay. Sigh... But the next opportunity will come.

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