Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dumb And Dumber

Yesterday I did something very dumb. Currently I only experience back pain when I stretch my back. So yesterday afternoon, in my haste to improve my back, I stretch my back a little more in an exercise. The result was pain for the rest of the late afternoon and evening. Before I went to bed, I ask my wife to give me a short massage with Counterpain. Luckily when I got up this morning, the pain has disappeared. A lesson learned.

Towards the early morning, I felt very cold despite having a comforter. It was really an unusual feeling. The only time I get this type of chill is when I have fever but I checked my forehead and the temperature was normal. So as not to aggravate matters, I took a break from attending qigong lesson this morning and stayed in bed. When I got up at 7am, I was feeling much better.

This week, like last, I am having stomach gases problem. The gases build up towards late afternoon to dinner time. After the night enema, some gases would have been released and I feel much better then. I still could not figure out why is this the case. The itchiness on the hands and feet is slowly subsidising. Hopefully things would get better as the day progresses.

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