Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back To Normal

Yesterday towards 6pm, there was heavy thunderstorm and of course lightning. Sigh... My desktop network card was hit, the hub was hit and my daughter's notebook power cable was hit. This morning I took almost half day to figure out what was working and what was not and then went to the IT shop to purchase another network card for my desktop. I have been staying in Subang Jaya for over 20 years now and not once was my IT equipment hit. This year, I have been hit twice already! Looks like I have to install lightning arrester for my equipments.

I am back to my normal routine therapies. My back pain is normally felt when I wake up and after some exercises, the pain goes away. The left shoulder blade is still giving a little pain when moved. I noticed that my back pain is possibly weight induced. This is because I get the pain upon completion of my 20 minutes of oxygen therapy when I lie flat on the bed. Now I have to sleep exclusively on my right side. Hope this condition is only temporary.

Yesterday I did my first castor oil enema using oxbile powder at 3.15pm. However, I noted during my night enema, the coffee mixture that was push out from the rectum was a little redder then usual. It was also rather difficult to do. However, this morning the enema was back to usual. Anyway I always feel good after enemas. Otherwise I am OK.

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