Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slight Swelling Of Fingers

Slightly over one week ago I felt a slight tiredness on the 3rd phalanges of my right fingers and to some extent, my left fingers too. I normally squeeze the vegetables to release the excess water before I juice them, so I thought the tiredness was possibly due to constant squeezing the fingers. Yesterday evening I also felt some itchiness on the 3rd phalanges of the first to third fingers, especially on the right hand. So I began to massage the 3rd phalanges areas of my right fingers. I noticed that as I massage the area, not only it did not bring relief to the itchiness and instead the 3rd phalanges started to swell. I then stop the massage and let the itchiness be and the swelling stopped. It started to subside later. It also happened to my left fingers. I don't know why that happened and was about to see a doctor today but since the swelling has subsided though there are still some itchiness, I will monitor it for a day or two.

A reminder to my Buddhist friends who intend to go pilgrimage this year. Although you can go pilgrimage all year round, the best time to go is between October and February when the temperature and weather is at its best. Bookings at Airasia is already opened and I noted that the prices offered for December 2010 flights are still at promotional levels. You can fly via Kolkata or New Delhi. This year, I will not be traveling. My friend and his gang (a total of 21 pax, mainly family members) has already booked their tickets. Rest assured the pilgrimage area in India is safe to travel even with children and old folks. Need further information, please let me know. I understand the recent change to the India visa exit rules will not affect third countries, meaning the 60 days re-entry rule only apply if you leave India for Malaysia.


  1. Hi Chang,
    Greetings from NZ. Hope your day is good. I once had a similar experience. Just like you I always had pain on the back of my left shoulder (still do sometimes) but it was never serious enough for me to seek treatment. It went on for years. One day I felt some itching on the fingers and palm of my left hand with a slight swelling...thought I was reacting to some insect bites. The swelling and itching came and go but one day it gotten really bad and there was intense burning pain on the fingers and palm, so bad that even a slight touch would caused unbearable pain, as if fire was burning my hand. I went to see a neurologist in Sunway hospital, did some test including a MRI on my neck and spine and they found that the cervical bones (C5-C7) have moved slightly inward, putting some pressure on the nearby nerves and affecting the blood flow to my left shoulder and arm...thus the constant pain on my shoulder and the final straw was when the nerves which supply the blood flow to the hand was not flowing back properly, causing the itch, swelling and pain. The recommended treatment was to take some strong anti inflammation drugs and pain killers and wear a neck collar to minimise neck movement. Doc said if that did not work, the last resort is to operate and try to put some metal thingy to restore the bone position. I could not imagine having to operate on my neck and thank God the drugs did the work almost immediately when I received relief from the intense pain. However, the degeneration of the neck bone is still there and may get worse as I age (said the doc) and ocassionally I still get the pain on my shoulder and some tingling sensation at my fingers. Found out that diet also plays a part...when I ingest too much soy or protein products, the condition is more pronounced...maybe the blood thickens. Not sure if your condition is the same as mine but no harm checking it out if the condition is related to your neck.

    Be strong and courageous to keep up your will to overcome every challenge that comes your way. Remember...you are your own healer!


  2. Dear Joanne,

    Thanks for taking the trouble to write and provide the information. At the moment I am trying to figure out what caused it.

    Yesterday evening, I noticed that itchiness has spread to my feet, especially at the base of the toes as well. I used Betnovate-N cream and applied to my hands and feet. The itchiness on the feet subsided, and to some extent the left hand but not so on the right hand. So it could probably be something that I ate.

    The only change that I could think of is the generic herbs in pill form given by Acupuncturist. So what I have done now is to stop taking that herbs and see if the situation improves. I will also consult him and see what he says.

    Of course, with your explanation, that could be another source of the problem which I will bear in mind.

    Thanks for visiting and also for your support.