Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

I was doing my night enema in the dark yesterday in support of Earth Hour. This is the second year running that our whole family participated. Last year during this time, we took a tour of our neighborhood to see how many participated but this year we just stayed indoor. Some people said what can it accomplished with only one hour? It will probably take one generation for all this efforts to bear fruit. I think the fact that my kids eagerly took part meant the seeds have been planted.

Yesterday evening, I had so much gas in my stomach that I just could not eat my dinner. Tried as much as I can, I only managed to finish 50% and 15% of the stewed vegetables and potatoes respectively. So I took oat meal instead. That was one of my worst days since I started Gerson Therapy. After the night enema, I felt slightly better.

I meet up with EC yesterday afternoon. At her request the meeting was postponed from Friday. She seemed to be in high spirits. She said that besides the conventional treatment, she was trying this and that. I can relate to that because when I first found out I had cancer, I just grab on to whatever treatment that gave me hope without understanding what the treatment is all about. Of course subsequently I decided to spend more time to find out and read about alternatives that are available. She took the Taiwanese nutrition diet formula and she takes six juices with pulp made from the blender. She also performed castor oil enema. I told her from some books that I read, most of the nutrients and enzymes would be dead if juices were prepared that way. From Gerson's book, people who have undergone or worst still undergoing chemo cannot do castor oil enema. She asked me for some recommendation and this is what I suggested. She continued with her chemo which would complete in two month's time. As directed by her doctor, she would consume fish for the protein during chemo. Meanwhile to start 12 glasses of juices a day and increase dosage of Q10. To stop doing castor oil enema immediately but to start on the coffee enema once or twice a day. Upon completion of her chemo, she would undergo mastectomy. Only upon recovery from the surgery did I suggest that she commence the rest of the Gerson Therapy. I summarised the Gerson Therapy for her explaining the main areas but I told her she must read the Gerson Therapy book to understand fully. It will be easier for her to follow this therapy since she has a maid at her disposal.

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