Friday, March 5, 2010

Added Acupuncture Therapy

This morning, I continued with my acupuncture therapy on my left shoulder. Today I had applied much more amp towards the needles. Although it is painful, I am a firm believer no pain no gain. The pain did subside but as with previous days, I hope it now become painful as the day progresses. Most of the pain are derived from movements of the hands and body that is connected to that part of the shoulder. My acupuncturist reminded me to take the medication that he gave me. He said even the Lee family in Singapore takes that medication.

One other changes that I am making is that I will commence oxygen therapy when I come back from Singapore. I have ordered the Personal Oxygen Generator. Since I am not able to start my QiGong class for sometime to come, this is another recommended therapy that will help. It's easy and practical effortless to do.

Finally, I managed to meet Mama S (see my post on 26 February 2010) yesterday night. She looks rather healthy for a 72 year old lady, cheerful despite being told by the doctor that they cannot help her anymore. Earlier the family had enrolled her to a health clinic (sorry no names) in Malacca but from what I learned from her she is not following the therapy strictly. Although a vegetarian, she eats noodles, cakes, biscuits and all the vegetarian stuffs (which includes oil, sugar and salt). Furthermore she likes to drink tea, milk and soy bean. I told her if she wants to follow the Gerson Therapy she must give up most of what she is eating now. She seems oblivious to the spread of the tumor to her liver. Despite removing her breast and undergoing chemo, two nodules were detected in the liver and she is due for a scan today. I explained to her about the therapy and about he need to be strict and comply with the requirements. When she showed no urgency, I had to frightened her. Forgive me. I told her everybody dies but dying of cancer is the most painful! I hope she got my message. I am really keen to help her even though I have not recovered myself.

I happened to meet a 1980s ex-colleague at the organic restaurant and I told him I had cancer. He told me his wife had too, just detected the breast cancer. Well what can I say!

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