Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Weekend

My left shoulder pain is slowly subsiding, almost not noticeable unless I stretch my back muscles. Every morning when I get up, there is only slight back pain and it wears off after some sit-up exercises. These days, I feel quite good. My energy levels has improved and even when sitting on hard surface my buttocks are complaining less. I am getting used to the potatoes diet and look forward to weekends when I eat my tomatoes brown rice noodles soup.

I spend sometime on repairs and maintenance this week end. I repaired the bed planks that is used to support the mattress. I don't know how my eldest daughter managed to break them. I took about half an hour to saw the replacement planks and nailed them back. The good news is that I did not feel tired after the tasks. This was a vast improvement compared to the time I was trimming the plants and I was already half dead panting for air just after 15 minutes of work and it took two days to recover. Hopefully my bones will not ache tomorrow.

I got to prepare dinner early today and pack some juices as I need to go to LCCT to pick-up my wife and daughters. They are back from Surabaya after a four days free and easy trip. Although I have been there before (16 years ago), it would be good to go back and see how things are today. The highlight of the trip is to see to Komodo dragons in the Zoo without having to go to Komodo island itself. I hope they managed to climb Mount Bromo too.

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