Sunday, February 28, 2010

Train Your Mind - Meditation

Yesterday morning I went to a bedding fair with the intention of buying another mattress to replace my current coconut husk mattress which has served me rather well until now. I wanted something softer so that I would not get back pain when I get up in the morning. What we saw was all the beds on display have a top layer that is very soft and then the mattress on the bottom. This top over seems suitable for me without having to dispose of my present mattress. Fortunately they have only the top portion for sale and even after discount it costs RM599 because it is made of pure natural latex. It's really soft and yesterday night I did have a good rest and my back was less painful when I got up in the morning. For the whole of last week, I was a little stress up because of tomorrow's scan due to my positive expectation on the outcome.

I also read with sadness on the suicide of former Growing Pains star, Andrew Koenig. I always though that of all the disease, cancer is the worst but now I think mental illness is the worst. After reading the introduction on the German New Medicine (, I believe most of our problems stem from the mind or the brain. Some of the concepts expounded are very similar to Homeopathy. Basically tumors do not just exist by chance in the body. There is a purpose and I think I may have to find the reason why my tumor grew. This will help me to heal completely. I already have some clues and will read more. I will write about it once I am quite certain of it.


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