Friday, February 5, 2010

Feeling Lousy

For the past three months, I been having problems with mouth and tongue ulcers. They keep coming back. Just when the ulcers on the bottom lips healed, a new one would appear at the upper lips. My Homeopathy doctor says this is a transient reaction and just let it heal naturally. It's painful especially now that I developed a mouth and tongue ulcers. So I have been buying more fruits like starfruits, Taiwanese melon and chiku to eat.

Yesterday after running around in the morning meeting with my ex-colleagues, I was a bit tired towards the night and was feeling nausea for sometime. After taking my night medicine and supper, I went to bed. This morning I was awaken by the rain early in the morning but I woke up feeling a little better. But as the day progresses, the nausea feeling came back. So I will do the castor oil enema tomorrow instead and spend more time resting today. I hope after doing the coffee enema, my condition would improve. But I will have to wait for the gas supplier to come and change the gas tank. So my enemas will be late today.

I believe these are healing reactions. I have been on the lugol solution for three weeks now and I have just reduced the strength from 3 drops to 1 drop a time, six times a day in my carrot+apple juices. When I was working, Fridays used to be my favourate day of the week because I get to rest in the weekends. Now, it makes no difference which day it is because everyday is new and a challenge. So I am cheering myself up by listening to Chinese New Year Songs.

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