Monday, February 22, 2010

No Pain No Gain

My current exercise is only walking. Ever since I started to do stretching and sit-up exercise after getting up in the morning, my backache pain has reduced. I hope this condition will continue to improve with the exercises. One of the problem I have yet to overcome is my buttocks. Sometimes, I find sitting on non padded seats still uncomfortable.

Anyway, lately I have been experiencing some pain on my right feet. Years ago, I slipped in the bathroom and my right feet got pushed against the bathroom wall resulting in a concussion. Previously because my severe neck and shoulder pain were more pronounced, I did not noticed the pain on my feet. Now with the neck and shoulder pain gone, the pain on my right feet suddenly came into focus. My wife have been massaging my feet every now and then and only seems to bring temporary relief. I have been thinking if I should go for acupuncture for some relief and recovery.

Of late my eldest daughter asked me why I showed sudden interest in classical music. I have always been a fan of classical music since I was young and in fact have a collection of more than 50 original CDs on various major composers. I have been using spa music for my coffee enema and I though it's time I use some classical music to sooth the ears. I have bought a NAS storage server to manage 2TB of storage space. I will copy and move all my music to the storage server and then use my notebook, desktop or RMVB media player to access the music from there. It's more convenient than having to access direct from the CDs and I can access from anywhere in my house since it is fully networked.

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