Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moderate Celebration

Time really flies. Just like that, we are into day 4 of the Chinese New Year. I took it real easy in this year's celebration.

Today's traffic was heavy but moving. We took about 4 hours including a lunch stop from Ipoh to Subang Jaya. I learned a lesson this time round. I bought too much vegetables and about 35% of it became rotton or turned yellow after two days without refrigeration. Anyway I hope same time next year, I wouldn't need to buy so much as I would have recovered by then (after 18 months on the therapy).

For those of you still in your hometown, please drive slowly and eat moderately. This is normally a time of food indulgence. I hope to meet you soon.


  1. You may like this video clip :

  2. Thanks. Did take a look at Dr Servan-Schreiber's video as you suggested. Very relevant. That's why I am on Gerson Therapy.

    However, I must caution people who want to start on such therapy should not just start on bit and pieces of informaiton. One must read the therapy in detail pn the mechanics of it, believe it will work for them and then start.