Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stress And You

Some of you will know this is my second blog actually. I first blog ( in 2006 when I went to Saudi Arabia to work and wanted to share what it is like working there. However, when I found out how sensitive is it to write information about Saudi Arabia, I did not continue. Hence, I only had two posts.

In Homeopathy they recognised that sometimes drastic changes in your life can be a factor of getting cancer. My initial months in Saudi Arabia was very difficult. Perhaps it was during this period that my present problem developed. This is because before I left for Saudi, I had done a full body check-up (no kidney scan done however) at Tong Shin Hospital for my employment visa and the x-ray shows my lungs was clear.

So, you should pay attention to your job stress and note changes in your body resistence. It can cost you your life in one way or another. You may not admit, your job is your world. Why do you think people get "mid life crisis"?

If you are on Gerson Therapy, you need to buy some of the supplements and getting some of them in Malaysia is difficult. You can however, get them at Singapore (thanks to KC for the tip):
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