Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Hopeful Day

This morning with full of enthusiasm, I went to see my family doctor. I took my blood test and also got a recommendation from him to enable me to go for the CT scan at Assunta Hospital on 1 March 2010. My blood pressure was good. I am very hopeful and at the same time afraid. I guess I just have to manage my emotions the next few days until the scan.

I have been sleeping on my left side everyday and as a result, there was some pain just below the left shoulder blade and was quite severe this morning. If my memories are correct, this has to do with sleeping on the same place for too long. I always get this problem previously. The pain only comes when you exert the shoulder blade. I think I will go for a head, shoulder and back massage later the day to manage the pain.

After talking to some of my friends yesterday, I realised of late a number of people that are affected with this disease are old folks (70 years and above). Some of them has completed conventional treatment and still some thinking because of old age, just did not want take further treatment. I believe age should not be a factor although it might be a little difficult to do the Gerson Therapy but it should be manageable if there is help available.

A friend also told me and I also know of a number of people just did not believe in living without "good" food when they are afflicted with cancer. What's the point of living if you cannot eat well, they would say. Now, what is deemed good food? The food we take may be good for the taste bud but bad for health while some food (like those I am taking) is bad for the taste bud good for the body. So which food is good?


  1. Thanks for your encouragement and support. It really mean a lot to me.