Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Friend In Need

Yesterday morning, left shoulder blade was really painful. I quickly bottled two apple+carrot juices and left for the reflexology center immediately after lunch. I took a one hour pressure message rather than oil massage. Pressure massage is more painful since the masseur uses her two thumbs to press against strategic points in the body. It's painful when pressure is applied but immediate relief is obtained as the pressure is released. The pain became bearable toward early evening. I will do a follow up massage today but will take 1.5hrs instead at the recommendation of the masseur.

Last night, I had to sleep in a different position to prevent hurting my left shoulder blade further. I took sometime to adjust but did managed to get some sleep. I am thinking of changing my mattress to something softer and my wife has suggested I use an air bed instead. I do have an air bed and will give it a try before deciding if I should buy another. Getting good rests is an important part of the therapy.

I am rather happy that I am also able to help some people who are directly affected or their love ones are affected by cancer. I am not a doctor and in no position to give recommendation. However, I am able to share experience and information to these people who are in dire need to understand this therapy better. In doing so, it reinforces my knowledge and also give me a sense of well being.

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