Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Castor Oil Enema Blues

Everytime when I do castor oil enema, my stomach would complain. Castor oil is really oily and coupled with the organic coffee, the stomach churns. Today lunch was difficult and I only managed to finish half of the vegies. I had to eat the potatoes if not I would feel hungry. To ease the "pain" of eating, I had some fruits and raw turnip to help out. After lunch, I tried sleeping but could not sleep. You just feel like vomitting. By 3pm, I was feeling hungry and also had to start the castor oil enema. I managed to find 100% organic lecithin (contains a little bit of sodium in natural form) to add to the coffee enema, castor oil and soap lather. After the coffee enema, the discomfort eased a bit. I quickly prepared the 4pm apple+carrot juice and thereafter ate the oat meal. I felt slightly better after that. The discomfort continued to after dinner. I would take peppermint tea after the night enema to ease the discomfort.

As Chinese New Year (CNY) is just a few days away, I am now busy arranging with my oranic suppliers for supplying of vegetables, carrot and apples for my consumption during (3 days) and post CNY period (another 3 days). You see, the lorries would stop deliveries a few days before and after CNY so I had to buy in advance my supplies. Otherwise I would not be able to juice. So far, the prices of the vegies have not gone up except for the apples. My supplier said they would get fresh supplies and the price of the apples would come down. My only problem is that my fridge is not big enough. So what I am doing is to pay for the goods first (and pack them separately) but only take delivery on the third day of CNY. That way I can make use of their big refrigerators. I will keep enough supplies for myself only for the first 3 days of CNY.

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