Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doing Gerson Therapy

I have said a number of times that it is not easy to do the Gerson Therapy (GT). This is not to discourage but to remind the person intending to do it, it's going to be a long and challenging journey. If you are doing it alone, be prepared to even have more bumpy ride, a challenge of your life.

As a word of caution, if you have cancer and before you decide to do GT as an alternative treatment, please ensure that you have discussed with your doctors (a minimum of two opinions) what your treatment options are. It is important that your family members knows why you take this therapy. Along the way you will have lots of people and friends telling you this and that. They all meant well. When you have cancer, you would definitely want to try all forms of cure and possibly at the same time. Some therapies can be done simultaneously but some cannot. Unfortunately not many is able to tell which is compatible with which. But one thing is certain, if you try a little of this and that, you may end up having nothing. So it is better to decide on one and then stick to it.

Coming back to GT. On paper, GT looks easy to follow and covers three areas:
Nutrition Diet
A minimum of 13 juices a day every hour (apple, carrots, apple+carrot and vegetables). Hipocrates soup for lunch and dinner. Bakes potatoes and stewed vegetables for lunch and dinner. Oat meal for breakfast, teatime and supper. Salt, sugar and oil free. All vegetables and fruits are organic. You may use flaxseed oil.
Alternating between coffee enema and castor oil enema (only if you have not done chemotherapy) starting with 5 times daily, 4 hourly apart. Castor oil is done only once and replaces the coffee enema. Only use distilled water and organic coffee.

Discontinue to use normal toothpaste. Use organic toothpaste which can be obtained at any organic shop.
Potassium salt (100gm to be mixed with 1 liter of distilled water) and used in your food and juices. Lugol solution to be used only in the apple+carrot juices but not vegetable juices. Niacin, pepsin, pancreatin, Q10, B12 and B17 to take at meal times. Pepsin and B17 is not available in Malaysia. Thyroid injections is also not available.

Expecting Immediate Results
It is normal to expect some form of results immediately. This is not a miracle remedy that cures immediately and will take time to show its results. Your first month will possibly with lots of ups and down. Don't break or you will easily give up. Follow as closely as possible and the results come after the second and third month. You should be stabilised by the forth month.

If you deviate too much, too often or cannot follow or think if can be modified, you do so at your own risk. Don't treat cancer lightly even if you have good results initially. Show cancer with respect and you should be able to beat it.

You must read Dr Gerson's A Cancer Therapy or Charlotte's The Gerson Therapy book many times. It contains instructions, explanations and other important information. This is your life book.

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