Friday, February 5, 2010

Black Friday

The day did not start well. I only managed to get my empty cooking gas cylinder replaced around 2pm and immediately started boiling coffee for the coffee enema. By 4pm, it was raining heavily. As I was browsing with my 2 year old Compaq notebook, the lightning stuck and the notebook went kaputt! So I decided to watch TV instead. As I was looking for the TV remote control, I misstepped and twiseted my left leg. There is now a small swell though it is not that bad. What a day!

The only consolation was that the juicing went well. The supplier had returned the juicer. The problem was caused by an oil seal leak in the motor compartment. It costs RM47 to repair but they have decided to waive it this round as this is not covered under warranty. One of the changes I noted was that the amount to juice I can extract now is slightly more than before and the pulp is much drier. This has to do with the outlet valve which I believe the supplier has tweaked it a bit. I need to use less vegetables to get the same amount of juices. Still I will proceed to buy the juice press from USA as I believe I will get more juices and better nutrients and get my ROI back within a year.

I have been thinking whether to proceed with the CT scan on 1 March. I have decided to proceed with the scan as it has been six months since the discovery of the tumor. MY Homeopathy doctor wated to know my actual progress so that he can prescribe the next stage of medication. At the same time, I would also like to know if my sensing of the body all this while is correct or not and also allow myself to make corrections to the therapy, if required based on the results. This time round, I will perform my scan at Assunta Hospital instead of Tong Shin Hospital. This is because the machine there is newer and I get higher resolution images and at the same time the costs is cheaper than at Tong Shin.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year, we will outsource much of the cooking to the professionals and only do some very traditional Hakka dishes at home. My youngest daughter has volunteered to make spring rolls. For me, I will assist in making simple decorations using ang pow packets for hanging around the house.

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