Monday, February 1, 2010

Something You Should Know

There are two video resources on Gerson Therapy (GT) that I found very interesting. You must see it. It affects your health and you will learn about some food enhancers that is damaging to your health, especially if you like MGS, you better stop using it.

One of them is the video called "Dying To Have Known", produced by an independent film maker Steven Kroshel and can be found here " ". This documentary was awarded Honorable Mention in the Feature-Length Documentary Category 2006 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. This video try to look for evidence to tell if the GT actually works or not.

There is something you should know about dental fillings and also also fluoride and how it affects your health that the Dental Association does not tell you. You can watch the video called "The Beautiful Truth" here "">. So the next time you do your dental filling, ask your dentist what is being used as the filler. This video also has other information and what types of food is good and bad for you.

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