Friday, February 12, 2010

Blue Skies And Everything Nice

Although yesterday was castor oil enema day, I felt very good the whole day. I was determined not to let castor oil enema day keep me from feeling gloomy. Except for a short spell during lunch, everything was good. I quickly ate lunch and take raw fruits and subsequently drank the Hipocrates soup. After lunch, I had bowel movement and after that everything was normal, no stomach discomfort. I think it is important to start of the day thinking positive despite past castor oil enema blues.

I have settled down to a comfortable routine now. In between I do run errands like going to the banks, visiting hypermarkets, shopping, meeting friends for lunch, taking my mom to hospital for her half yearly check-up and at the end of every school day, pick up my daughter from school in the evening. The secret to be able to do all these is to plan your activities for the day. Of course the other important factor is that your health must also be in good shape. Well I am happy to report I am in good shape. I feel like the cancer has left me.

So, now I try and spend more time on catching up on sleep, thinking more ways of making food and also watching a lot more movies. I have taken a photograph of the tomato soup noodles and I will publish the recipe in a separate post. Although this dish is meant for people with cancer, I believe those who wants to detox can also take this dish.

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