Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Off Day

I took an unexpected break yesterday. My telephone and Internet line was cut by TM due to non-payment all because my bank upgraded my credit card. I got it sorted out this morning and everything is now back to normal.

Yesterday was my castor oil enema day. But so far on these days, I do not feel so well due to the accumulation of gases in the stomach that seems to build up as the day progresses. It's get very bad around dinner time. I really had a tough time eating dinner and even after my night coffee enema, I still felt a little unwell. However, the problem went away around 11pm when I took my oat meal supper. In between I took peppermint tea but it did not help very much.

My biggest problem now is not getting enough sleep. One of the main disadvantage of doing Gerson on my own is that I have no help. So I have to plan to take my naps. For example, I would take the 3pm vegetable juice and at the same time prepare the apple+carrot juice and put in Thermos. After drinking the vegetable juice, I would immediately go to bed and take a nap. When my alarm rings at 4pm, I would get up quickly drink the apple+carrot juice and continue my sleep to 4.45pm. These naps helps. I would then continue with the 5pm juice and then coffee enema.

My juicing machine is making noise and my supplier came yesterday to take it back for repairs. At the same time, they loaned me a similar machine so that I can continue to juice. This service is great considering buying a spare machine would easily set you back a few thousand. It would have been difficult if I did not have a juicer. I would recommend them to you should you want to buy a juicer. I found them here and have no financial interest nor do I get any commission should you buy from them. I am just a satisfied customer.

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